Landscape models


Image SwissTLM3D, © 2016 swisstopo (JD100042)

Landscape models display the landscape with the aid of defining objects, such as roads, bodies of water or residential or vegetated areas. These objects are recorded in vectorial form and described in more detail via attributes (road names, area descriptions, functions). For Switzerland, the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo records the data in a consistent quality based on current aerial images and provides the landscape models and products derived from them – such as the large-scale topographical landscape model of Switzerland swissTLM3D or the small-scale digital landscape model VECTOR200, for instance.

Thanks to its high resolution and vast number of objects and attributes, swissTLM3D is ideal as a basis for detailed analyses, simulations and 3D visualisations of smaller areas, especially in the fields of architecture, land-use planning and mobility.

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Swisstopo’s swissTLM3D product page

With its high degree of generalisation (scale 1:200 000), VECTOR200 is just the ticket for overview analyses, large-scale simulations or 3D superimpositions with elevation models, and as a basis for publications.

Swisstopo’s VECTOR200 product page